In this type of engagement, we agree to intimate connections and a more fulfilling experience. This arrangement offers unlimited opportunities for creative and passionate expression. With this freedom, we will enjoy a much closer connection with free flowing ease, creating as we are called in the moment. During our time together, you have my full attention for invigorating soul, body, and heart play. I love to spend time out dancing, enjoy dinner and drinks together, or for a private event of our own design in which we indulge in each other's deepest being. 


In Call / Out Call:


1 Hour     -                            -   600

Up to 90 - Meet and Greet - 900 (Meet and Greet Special $800 for first time visits)

2 hours - Relaxed Time   -   1200 

3 hours - Drinks Out        -   1800

4 hours - Dinner Date      -   2400

6 hours - City Night Out  -   3500

Overnight (8 pm-9am)    -  6000

Up to 24 hours                   -   8000

Weekend Getaway (up to 48 hours)    - 15000

Extended Adventure (up to 72 hours) - 20000

I honor/grand-father prior rates for those who have seen me within the past year and are in good standing with me.

I offer a variety of experiences that may cater to your needs. See below for alternative styles of connection that are available.




This type of sensual experience is all about you. My beautiful studio space, candle-lit with gentle music will welcome you. Essential oils, warm massage oil, and sensual, playful touch will awaken your senses. Receive the relaxation, restoration, and serene pleasure that you've been needing. I am happy to engage you in conversation or simply allow my warm hands nourish your skin and muscles. This session will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, nurtured, and more aware of your senses. I have been training in tantric practices for 7 years and am a skilled energetic and psychic body worker. If you'd like to have a deep spiritual healing session in combination with this sweet touch, I am SO happy to provide this.

400/hr (does not include mutual touch)


In these sessions, we are able to co-create and explore any fantasies you may have had. I am happy to provide a safe space for you to explore with communication skills discovered to allow full consent and allowance of kinky pleasure you desire. 

400/hr without mutual touch

600/hr mutual touch 


This is a more sustaining relationship for those with whom I share a special bond. In this arrangement, we can design a structure for deeper and more fulfilling time spent. We'll have increased freedom to meet our relationship's desires. The design can range from a weekly overnighter, to multiple hour-long sessions, to semi-exclusive or exclusive. During this time we may communicate more freely via text, phone and email in between if you desire. I will not, however, relocate my residence and will still maintain my personal lifestyle.


5K-20k monthly (3 month commitment required) 


COUPLES: Add $200/hour




Listed rates are for inner city (and up to a 15 minute drive from downtown). Extra gratuity and travel compensation may be requested in other areas and for longer distances.

A deposit is required for dates over 3 hours and for any new client.

Overnight dates include at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Two hours of alone time are required daily for me to pamper myself to be fully available and radiant for you.




If you wish to fly me to you, I will need accommodations to be taken care of and a 50% deposit as well as advance payment of travel expenses for exclusive travel arrangements. I require an additional $100 per hour of travel and a minimum booking based on travel time.



2 hours for up to 1 hour travel

4 hours for up to 2 hours travel

8 hours for up to 3 hours travel

12 hours for up to 4 hours travel

Airborne & International Trips:

First/Business Class seating

8 hour minimum for Domestic travel

48 hour minimum for International travel

Remaining balance due before departure

"Travel time" is inclusive of all door-to-door transport (driving, air, layovers, cab, and etc.).




This is strictly for friendly social events and platonic public encounters that do not involve role play, fantasy or PDA's.

1 hour: $200 (includes local out call compensation)




See my Etiquette page for details. 


For cancellations within 48 hours I ask for a 50% inconvenience fee to help compensate for any losses incurred as a result of the cancellation.


For cancellations under 24 hours, I ask for full compensation. 


Payments can be made by purchasing a MC/Visa Gift Card or through PayPal or Venmo. You are responsible for all related service charges.

No shows must pay in full or are blacklisted.