About Me

Hi, my name is Ari. I can't wait to meet you!

I am an intuitive soul with boundless depth. A sage and guide, I have been called to this work to offer a deep healing space in which you can be seen fully, connect deeply, melt into sensuality, and heal through my gentle care.


I have a sweet and savory balance: I am both a sweet, sensitive, deeply thinking introvert, and a wild child of passion, an energetic and witty conversationalist. I stay very focused on my goals of performance art and healing arts. I interact with life passionately and seek growth experiences through travel, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and ongoing education.


As an empath, my presence and ability to be with you and sense your deeper desires are my most pleasurable gifts. Trained in tantric practices and sex education, I assist in helping find deeper intimacy with yourself and others. I love to relate and be with others and have the gift to help guide you deeper into your truth.